Being a Mother of two & a full time Teacher, I was going through regular knee pains; feeling of being weak internally was raising concerns for me mentally.  So I enrolled myself for Nutrition plan & lost 5 Kgs, from 60 to 55 Kgs. My life is completely different post working with Bhupinder, he was respectful at all times & able to push me to be consistent, to have patience with myself & now my body has learnt how to become the healthy person I wanted to be. He always told me weight is only a number, focus more on the body fat & keep a mark on the inches you lose; today. Now my colleagues, friends & family members are always eager to know what am I eating & to their astonishment I am only eating proper home cooked Indian recipe food. Which is completely amazing, Nutrition is so much accessible & easily available; it’s all about the choices we need to make.