I came to Bhupinder thinking had to do something about my life. After 3 sessions and a month with him, life felt good. I had no enthusiasm to do anything in life, wanted to shut my business that I had built over 9 years with my hard work, wanted to shut people off too. His sessions showed where it all came from & he showed me ways of turning it around. I had some condition in my uterus which made me have periods for 10 days. It has come down to 7 in a month and I know it will be back to regular!! Now I know that my Body can & will Heal itself of all the cysts. I am brimming with ideas on work front and actively making changes to grow it, & just a month back I was ready to shut it!! My relationship with my sister is improving, I have healed my relationship with my father. Slowly I am gaining my confidence and myself back.