To observe how well balanced you are; exercise is a way to self-examine, especially single leg exercises. When there is lot of movement or shivering in balance, that means the emotional state of mind is not perfect in place. So, to get the balance; you will have to exercise or pose to train your mind to maintain balance.

Single leg exercises will guide your sub-conscious level; assisting from the grounded feet going upwards to the head, guiding you to maintain the balance. Regular execution of the exercise for next 4 days, will help you improvise your balance.

You will consciously not realize the instability of balance when you sit or walk, however you will feel the same at the time of exercising. Incorporate positioned lunges to get the balance perfect, when one foot will move forward, the other foot holds the balance, that’s training your Body & Mind, as this exercise requires lot of focus, its more like you doing concentrated meditation.

You can also observe signs of imbalance with your walking, by monitoring your foot fall, are you landing on your heal or on the front foot, or the mid foot. If you land on your heal; yes, it is a sign of imbalance & however with the mid & front feet fall, you are in good position of your balance. To put more clarity to the theory, front foot landing indicates more of stable mind, mid foot landing shows stability in the centre part of the body & heal landing indicates more pressure.

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