Staying hydrated is crucial for overall health & well-being. Water makes up a significant portion of the human body & plays a vital role in many bodily functions, such as regulating body temperature, transporting nutrients & oxygen, also removing waste. Most of us fail to stay hydrated, blaming strenuous heavy life schedule; the reality is […]

Why you failed the Full Marathon? Body & Mind

Training for a full marathon requires both physical and mental preparation. Physically, it is important to build up your endurance through regular cardio & strength training. This can include exercises to improve your core & leg strength. It is also important to follow a consistent training schedule, gradually increasing the distance & intensity of your […]

Why you failed the Full Marathon? Food & Hydration

Possible reasons why one might fail to complete a full marathon would include physical exhaustion, dehydration, injury, lack of training, poor nutrition, or simply not having the mental fortitude to push through to the end. Additionally, environmental factors such as extreme heat or cold, or even a sudden change in the terrain can contribute to […]